Rainy Day Outfit Inspiration

Goodbye winter blues, hello springtime storm season!! (Again. Clearly this weather isn’t going anywhere soon, so get ready for even more rain and clouds!)

This cloudy Monday, I walked around and explored the historic district in my college town with my close friend Claire. After talking with her one day, I realized I just had to feature her on the blog. She has such a cute and classic style and it’s so similar to mine, that I figured it would be perfect to be on Abundance of Abby.

So *drum roll please* everyone meet Claire! She’ll be featured on here more so keep an eye out for this sweetheart with some sweet style. Fun fact, we were almost college roommates!! I’m pretty sure it was our love of Gossip Girl that bonded us??

Her outfit is perfect for rainy days!! (As if I haven’t said it enough already.)

Outfit Information:

  • lululemon BottomsAthletic, comfy, and high quality, these are a pants are a great investment. I would absolutley rather spend more money on a pair of yoga pants that I can get more wear out of and will last longer, instead of buying a cheaper pair that will tear sooner rather than later.
  • Hunter Boots:  I’ve set the link for the hunters for their own website, but there are so many different shops across the country that sells them. I personally love the tall boots compared to their short ones. (Claire personally likes the short ones better, because she feels you can wear them with more.)
  • Vera Bradley UmbrellaShown in my previous post, these umbrellas are perfect for spring weather. I love the style of the bubble umbrellas and how they set you apart from everyone using the more common style of umbrellas. Which ironically was the cover photo, for said previous post.
  • Marley Lilly Monogrammed Rain JacketLike I said before, I have been on the hunt for a high quality rain jacket and Claire had already found one she loves. Marley Lilly has so many different monogrammed gifts and apparel with so many options of how to design it and make it your own. I might look into their clothes for myself!

And paired with it all, Claire has a basic sorority comfort colors long sleeve tee shirt on underneath. This outfit is great for lazy and rainy spring days or when headed to class. And although I am so excited  to post about sunny springtime and summer looks, I can’t wait to share more cloudy or rainy day outfits with y’all, because lets be real – this weather is going no where.

A huge thank you to my sweet friend, Claire, for wandering the streets of the historic district with me on this overcast day and taking so many photos. (Find you a friend like her!!)


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