Father’s Day Gift Ideas

I’m sure that everyone, like myself, is loving the sweet summer weather and everything that comes with school being over and sunny days headed our way. But, while we’ve been basking in the sun at the beach, Father’s Day has been creeping up on us. June 18th is less than two weeks away! So if you’re still scratching your head at what to get for Father’s Day, I’ve put together some gift ideas that I’m hoping will help give you some good ideas, and are also pretty affordable.

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I know that it sometimes seems that men are harder to get gifts for, but I’m hoping that this gives you guys a better idea of what you can purchase this Father’s Day. This year my dad is getting a new set of corn hole (or “bags” depending on what you call it) painted with the American flag and some other things we knew he had his eye on, but this is what I’m definitely most excited to give him. (And use myself!) I’m sure there will be a family tournament the second he’s done opening his gifts!



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