Feminine Outfit for Art Fair

Happy Saturday!! Today I ventured to the downtown to visit a local art fair with my mom. The weather was so beautiful and perfect for walking along the streets looking at the vendors!! I was at first a bit worried that I’d be too cold in my shorts and tank top, but ended up being completely fine. These shorts from Free People are my new favorites, because they look just like a skirt!! The “flowy-ness” of them adds a beautiful, feminine feel to my outfit, but I can feel safe knowing that if the breeze from the lake picks up, I won’t be flashing anyone.

Wearing: Free People Shorts, Banana Republic Button Up Back Tank Top (old, similar here), Tommy Hilfiger Ballet Flats (old, similar here), Leather Crossbody (not available online, similar here), and Pearl Earrings.

The delicious and super cool food truck we stopped at to enjoy some lunch. We ordered the nachos and chicken tacos and they were very good. This restaurant has a couple small locations around town and I’m looking forward to stopping at the others!

Below, I’ve put together some additional feminine pieces that are perfect for summer. I’m loving all of the flowing skirts and how lightweight so much of it looks. Together, these pieces look polished and put together and are a great addition to any wardrobe. Each photo is actually shop-able (as well as the links above), which is a newer feature I’ve been trying out incase some of these pieces really jump out at you and you want to purchase something for you or someone you know. Each category is organized from least expensive to most. Hoping to make things a little easier for you avid online shoppers! Just look at me as your online shopping retail assistant lol.

Flowing Summer Skirts

Polished Tank Tops

Feminine Ballet Flats
My style is not completely feminine, but as I’m getting older I’m beginning to appreciate a good skirt and flats combo, much more than I did years ago. Having a couple of pieces like this are essential to any well-rounded closet, as they provide great bases for outfits for many different occasions. Interviews, class, date night, or just walking around at an art fair. You name it. If anything, my piece of advice would be to invest in a solid pair of ballet flats. They’re comfortable and simply darling. They are a versatile shoe, that can be paired with skinny jeans or a flowing dress. A good pair that’s taken good care of can last a while, so in my opinion its better to buy one as a nice little investment, than having to buy and rebuy every year.

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