Patriotic Pajamas, Fireworks, And A 4th of July Recap

Happy late 4th of July!!

Typically, each year we have family come into town, but this year we got a new addition to the family on July 3rd, so plans couldn’t come together. (Welcome to the world Valory Constance!!) I was super lucky, however, that one of my closest friends, Audrey, could come and spend a few days with us. Before Audrey was here, I had gone shopping with my mom and picked up some new clothes and what would eventually become my fourth outfit! While out, I also got a super comfy pair of pajamas from Tommy Hilfiger. They’re very soft and perfect for adding a little patriotism into my pajamas as well. They are usually around $64, but right now they are on sale for $43.99!

My day started off fairly uneventful, just myself getting ready for the day ahead. I did my hair by separating it right down the middle and then French braiding the front/top of my hair back and securing it with very tiny hair ties. My mom kept cleaning the house like all mothers do before guests arrive. (Have you seen this video online mocking this?? It’s hysterical!) I had to run up to the store at one point, because I have two teenage brothers who literally eat us out of house and home and half of the stuff we bought for the day was gone!!

Wearing: Lauren by Ralph Lauren Striped Shirt, Banana Republic Shorts (similar here from J.Crew Factory and  here from J.Crew ), White Converse, Pearl Earrings (similar here from Saks), NARS Cruella Lipstick Pencil, and Laura Geller Tahitian Glow Baked Body Frosting.

I was so happy to see Audrey. Seriously, if I have one piece of advice for you to take away from today’s post it is to hold close the friends that are willing to drive four hours to spend just a couple of days with you! We started the fourth with some quality beach time. Nothing beats swimming, body surfing, and just laying on the sand talking with one of your best friends. After we went home, we enjoyed some corn hole, grilling, and a game of volleyball “keep-up” with my family.











Then once it became much later and darker, we headed out to find the best spot to enjoy our city’s firework display. We found a great spot on a little island right by the lake!! There was a water and light show accompanied by patriotic music during the fireworks and it was really beautiful. The song “God Bless The USA” (“I’m Proud To Be An American”) is one of those songs that actually can bring me to tears at times. I’m a sap and a proud American, what can I say? I actually did one of my first ballet dances to that song – all in a sparkly red, white, and blue tutu!!

I hope that everyone’s 4th of July was a great day no matter what you were up to! I hope most of all we remember to love our country and everyone who has sacrificed so much before us to get the USA to where it is today. Hope you enjoyed seeing what I did for the holiday, can’t wait to show you what else I’ve been up to this week in later posts! God bless the USA!




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