Eating Healthy On Road Trips and On The Go

Happy Saturday!!

This weekend I’ll be taking a small trip to visit family with one of my brothers and my mom. You already know I’m using my favorite luggage that I mentioned in this post. I’m so excited to be taking a break from all of the craziness that has been going on recently. Little life update for y’all: I got a job at a hospital to get my foot in the door into the medical  field. I like it so far, but I’ve been working full-time the past two weeks, which has tired me out, but that’s obviously to be expected. Anywho, I’m ready to visit with family and kick back even if it is just for a weekend.

A big chunk of my weekend is going to be spent in the car and I’ve been trying really hard to eat way healthier lately. Now, I’ll admit it I’m not the best at sticking to my declarations of super healthy eating. I’m human. And one who is a major carb-lover. Friday, for example, I was doing a great job of eating clean, whole, and nutritious foods (even at work) up until a co-worker put out some brownies. And honestly, I don’t regret one bite. So delicious!! I fully believe in listening to your body and eating intuitively. However, I do try and stick with a paleo based diet, as I feel that I have the most energy, I’m at my healthiest weight, and my skin is clearest whenI eat like this. Car rides (especially longer ones) are the perfect opportunity to throw your healthy lifestyle right out the door. Typically, it seems like junk food is the easiest to grab and put in the car or on the go, and if you make a rest-stop gas stations are just stocked with chips, candy, and pop. So I’ve decided too compile some tips and a list of my favorite snacking foods perfect for your next on the go day or long roadtrip.


  1. Plan or pack your food the day/night before. When you leave all you will have to do is pick up your snacks and go. You’ll feel good because you didn’t procrastinate and because you ate good and smart food!!
  2. Don’t overpack on the snacks. I know it can be tempting, because if you’re like me you might not know what you’re gonna wanna eat later. Pick a couple of your favorite snacks and stick to those. You don’t need it all I promise. (And if you really are that hungry you can always stop for a quick bite to eat.)
  3. Portions. Portions. Portions. Again if you’re like me, you might have what some call a “bottomless pit for a stomach.” I could eat a whole roll of cookie dough and bag of pretzel thins in one sitting. Don’t bring the whole entire bag of snacks with you. Chances are, especially if you aren’t doing the driving, you’ll be sitting there munching for a good chunk of the trip. So put your food into Tupperware or baggies so that you don’t end up eating your weight in snacks.
  4. Talk to the people you’re traveling with on what they’re bringing to eat. No one wants everyone to bring the same thing. Mix and match food and bring snacks to share! That way you aren’t bored and stuck with a couple things you bring, but can sample other peoples favorite fruits, veggies, and healthy snacks.
  5. Bring a big water bottle!! Yes, this will increase your needs for a rest stop – don’t say I didn’t warn you. But water helps curve cravings and if you eat while you’re bored, sipping on some lemon water will do wonders for you. Also, if you eat a salty snack, you’re going to need something to wash it down with and it turns out that many pops, juices, and sport drinks increase your thirst not decrease it! So water is a staple that everyone should bring with them everywhere – not just a trip.

Snack Ideas:

  1. Berries in a bowl are a great and easy thing to take with! I have a small cooler my family uses for trips and if we put these in a small container we are good to go. Berries are some of my favorite fruits, whether it is blueberries, strawberries, or red raspberries! Some fruit can take a little to cut and peel, but for the most part the berries are simple and good to go. Just make sure to clean them first.
  2. Gluten Free Bites are also super yummy and easy for on the go. I first tried these a couple years ago and they are delicious. This company makes many different snacks that are certified gluten free, non-GMO, vegan, and kosher. Not to mention free from dairy, soy, trans-fat, and cholesterol. I’ve had a couple of different flavors in the past and I’ve enjoyed all I’ve tried! (Plus they’re HQ is in Michigan I believe – so that may make me just a little biased!) If you have a sensitive gut and skin like I do, they will be thanking you later – along with your tummy and tastebuds.
  3. Kind Bars are my favorite granola bars. They also are so good for you and they come in so many yummy and unique flavors. My current favorite is the dark chocolate cherry cashew. This bar is their “antioxidant” bar and is delicious. It helps with any sweet cravings I have and I can feel good about the ingredients in it!
  4. Mini sweet peppers were a staple of mine throughout college, especially when I made my mini omelettes in my dorm “kitchen.” (You can find that story and recipe here.) I’ve tried to keep them stocked at the house and include them in a lot of recipes. If they aren’t being put into homemade burrito bowls, on top of avocado toast, or chopped in summer chicken salads, I like to just cut them up into slices and eat them raw with just a bit of seasoning. Just like the berries, wash these and put them in a to go container and take them with!
  5. Growing up, I always remember my friend Audrey having belVita snacks in her house. Honestly, I wasn’t the biggest fan of them back then. Now, when I’m not eating 100% paleo, I will snack on one of the soft baked bars from them. My favorite is the chocolate chunk!! It keeps me full for a while and tastes like a chocolate chip cookie.
  6. I love avocados and guacamole! What I love more is the easy way I can take it on the go with Sabra’s convenient guacamole to go cups. It comes with Tostitos chips rolled up and is very good. I actually had it on my break at work a few days ago. And for all of my hummus lovers, they have a hummus to go cup too!
  7. Last but not least, to all my carb cravers, make microwavable popcorn and put it in a little ziplock bag for you and the people you are traveling with! This is a great way to practice portion control all while getting your carb fix.

I hope you got some new ideas for small snacks for on the road or on the go. This weekend will be full of snacking so here’s hoping my brother (who is very into eating healthy) keeps me in check!! Do you have a favorite snack food for on the go?? If so let me know either by message, email, or in the comments!


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