How To Make The Most Of Your August

Happy August 1st!!

It’s bittersweet thinking about how much summer has passed and how schools will be starting within the next month. I love picking out new folders and notebooks for the upcoming school year, but I also want to savor every last bit of this summer, so I’ve constructed 31 ideas to make the most of your August. This list includes everything from fun ways to spend the day and tips for getting ready for September.

I’ve always looked at the start of weeks and new months as a time for a fresh start. Just like how people look at the New Year, but I’ve been thinking (and reading a lot of inspirational Pinterest quotes) about how each day is a fresh start. So without further ado, here are 31 ways to make the most of your August. (Also, the photo below was a picture I took of Lake Michigan a year-ish ago. Seriously, it’s so beautiful!!)


  1. Spend as much time as you can outside. You’ll regret not being out there when winter hits and you are actually forced to be in for most of the day.
  2. Try out those recipes you pinned forever ago.
  3. Make a picnic and enjoy it at the park!
  4. Grab a book and take some time to read that. (I have some recommendations here)
  5. Get active and fit, but do it in a new way. If you don’t usually bike ride try that, or if you’re a newbie to paddle boarding try that!
  6. Take some days and designate them to spending it with a specific member in your family. Maybe there’s a movie out that your brother has wanted to see or an art show you can attend with your mom. They’ll really appreciate it and it’s so nice to have those memories.
  7. Go berry picking!! A lot are available right now, like blueberries, and this is a fun activity and really healthy.
  8. Make a list of everything to get done before the school year. Do you still have to buy supplies or send in a form? If everything is good to go you’re going to feel so relieved – trust me!
  9. Dedicate one whole day to the beach. I know I talk about the lake in practically every post, but there really is nothing better in my opinion.
  10. Go star gazing. Find a wide open space with little light pollution and let your mind wander.
  11. Similarly, go sunset chasing. My friend Emily and I did this pretty frequently in high school and I have such fond memories of grabbing some food then following the highways, city streets, and back roads as far as the sunset would go. Or until one of our curfews was approaching. (Most likely mine!)
  12. Challenge yourself to wake up 30-60 minutes earlier. You’ll be surprised at all you can accomplish with that extra time.
  13. Clean out your closet. Summer is ending and I know that there are clothes that didn’t leave your closet this year. It’s time to get rid of them. Either donate or sell. This way you have a clean room and more space for fall clothes!
  14. Re-organize and re-decorate your space. As we enter into fall, there’s no better time to paint that dresser like you’ve always wanted or completely re-do your bookshelf. Cleaning something and actually keeping it clean is one of those things that makes life a little better (in my opinion), because then instead of dreading coming home to a dirty space it’s already done and you can enjoy yourself.
  15. If you can, treat yourself. A new watch or new pair of earrings are a great way to remember summer of ’17 especially if there was something worth noting that happened to you. Plus who doesn’t love a splurge once in a while?
  16. Have a water fight. Some of my favorite summer memories growing up are when the neighbors, my siblings, friends, and I would be running around our backyard with water guns, balloons, hoses, and buckets of water. Trust me, you’re never too old for some pure fun like that.
  17. Volunteer!! Volunteering is something that just always makes me feel so good and makes my heart feel so full after I do it. Take a couple hours out of one day and use it to do some good for someone else.
  18. Head on over to the zoo. I love the zoo and it’s a quintessential summer activity!
  19. Go to a drive in! I’ve never been, but I want to so badly. Bonus points if you go and they are showing throwback movies!
  20. Go on a mini weekend vacation. Whether this be with friends, family, or just by yourself you’ll never regret exploring somewhere and taking a little time to relax. And it doesn’t have to be anywhere fancy either – even the next town over has some cool places you haven’t seen yet!
  21. Visiting a farmers market is sort of close to berry picking and it is so much fun. I love walking down the aisles of vendors with friends or family, sampling food and fresh produce, and picking out flowers! My favorite bouquet I’ve ever picked out from one had the most beautiful sunflowers in it.
  22. Make some popsicles. I’ve found some ridiculously good looking recipes on Pinterest that I want to try.
  23. Have a bonfire complete with s’mores and sparklers!
  24. Get some grilling in. Whether this be grilled peaches with ice cream (one of my favorite desserts) or some steak get your grilling in before it’s too late!
  25. Go to the fair/theme park. Summer is one of the only times carnivals are open so take advantage of one, even if it is just for the greasy food! And if you already missed your county/state fair? Road trip to an amusement or waterpark!
  26. Make some homemade ice cream. It’s super easy and there are a lot of healthy options and different ingredients you can substitute.
  27. Try a new restaurant. Maybe it’s that Insta-worthy cafe you’ve been itching to try or some sushi because you’ve never actually ate it. Trying new things (especially food) can be exciting and eye opening.
  28. Remember that list I mentioned before? All the things you need to get done before the school year starts?? Seriously do it. I know you’re gonna put it off with all of these fun ideas but books don’t buy themselves people!
  29. Go to a karaoke night!! Whether it’s an actual karaoke bar, a dive with insanely good burgers and a juke box, or your living room with your friends, karaoke is super fun and definitely will make the last month of summer a blast.
  30. Play mini golf. Or real golf. Both are fun and let’s be real who doesn’t want to drive the golf cart??
  31. Make a photo album of all you did this summer – and buy another one to fill with everything you’ll do this fall!

Well I hope this August bucket (and to do) list gave you some August inspiration. Hold on to this last month of summer and make sure you soak up all the sun you can!!!


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