Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

I’m basically in full blown Christmas mode at this point. I’m hauling out the holly and ready to put up the tree before my spirit falls again. (See what I did there??) But in all seriousness, I love the holiday season. I am shamelessly listening to the Christmas radio station on my commute to school each morning. And when I’m driving to work. And to hang out with friends. Okay, so basically all the time. For me, after Halloween everything is one big long party. We get to go out and celebrate Halloween, then two days later I have my birthday, then later that month we visit family for Thanksgiving (one of my favorite times of the year) and then right after that it’s Christmas!!

But, before I get too ahead of myself here, I think we should focus on Thanksgiving. Ever since I was little we’ve done the same thing for Turkey Day. Brunch with my Dad’s side of the family (which also includes a very intense cousin football game.) Don’t worry I always bring (or steal) a change of clothes. Shoutout to my cousin Katie for sharing her clothes with me every single time I visit. Ya know that Thanksgiving friends episode where they play football? Yeah, it’s a lot like that.

After that, we freshen up and head to my Aunt’s house for Thanksgiving dinner with almost everyone on my Mom’s side of the family. It’s such a great day and it’s usually followed up the next day by some Black Friday shopping action with my cousins.

I’ve decided to put together some outfits for you perfect for a little dressier and a little more formal Thanksgiving like I’m used to. And as for the change of clothes for the football game – any leggings and sweatshirt should do 😉

All photos are shoppable, so if you see something you like just click the picture and you’ll be redirected to the site that sells that specific piece.

 Outfit Idea #1:

Outfit Idea #2:

Outfit Idea #3:

 I hope you liked these three different outfit ideas! I’m still debating what to wear, honestly. I’ll probably just overpack and decide when we get there. It’s a serious problem being the #organizationqueen but suffering from serious procrastination. Anyone else wait till the last minute to pick an outfit? Or severely overpack?? Join the club sister, we are accepting new members🥂





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