BEST 2017 Cyber Monday Deals + Freebies and Coupon Codes

I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving break has been full of well deserved rest, relaxation, and family time. That’s how mine has been, as I’ve been on the East side of the state visiting both sides of my family. (This is why I’ve been pretty MIA this past week. Sorry folks, family is a little more important than the blog.) However, I did spend one of my days shopping. (Black Friday, duh.) And I bought only one thing. One thing. At full price. Granted, it was only a Lush bath bomb, but still. I was hoping to get some serious deals. I will be hitting up the Cyber Monday deals, however. So you can enjoy these sales too, I’ve decided to compile a little crazy list for you. Complete with coupon codes and freebie goodies specifically for Abundance of Abby readers.


FOR MY READERS: Lake Effect Co. is giving you a free waffle beanie AND free shipping on purchases over $40 with the code ABBYTHANKSGIVING. Lake Effect is also doing 25% off orders of $50+. Everyone knows how much I love them, being a true lake baby myself, they really are an amazing brand. Plus, you’ll feel good knowing they’re all about saving the Great Lakes. ICYMI: HERE is the write up I did over the summer on them.

Other Sales I Love:

If I end up getting some great deals, I will definitely consider doing a Cyber Monday haul for you. This next week might be a little hard for me to consistently post, as I have multiple meetings in Grand Rapids, in addition to my regular school, work, and club schedule. Woo hoo for finals fast approaching and being crazy busy.

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