Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide – For Him + Splurge AND Budget Friendly Ideas

As promised, here is the first of my last minute holiday gift guides. I decided to start off with gifts “for him”. If you’re anything like me, shopping for guys is the worst. Buying presents for my dad is the hardest and now that my brothers are getting older, picking our something awesome for them is also becoming harder. As for my female friends and relatives like my cousins and mom, it’s so easy. In the end, I feel like I always am able to come up with a meaningful and cool gift, but in case you are stuck in a rut on what to buy, here are some ideas.

I’ve put together two gift guides here – one more budget friendly (because Christmas falls around the same time second semester tuition is due and I majorly feel you guys) and one for someone who wants to splurge a bit. Both have some really cool ideas that are perfect for holiday season. As a little reminder again (because I get asked about it A LOT) yes, you can just click the photo to get more information or purchase the product. It really is that easy and simple!

Option One (Budget-Friendly):


Out of the products in this set, I think the workout water bottle that holds your iPhone is actually so cool. It’s less than $15, and is such a neat idea. If I hadn’t already bought Nick his Christmas present, I would definitely consider that one! It’s a smart way to store everything for a workout session.

Option Two (Splurge):


In this set I included some really practical pieces, as well as some cool little things like the speaker. Also, the Patagonia’s are sooo soft, and honestly if you get it for your boyfriend you can probably steal it and wear it – so it’s almost like a present for yourself too!!

Do you already have presents for the guys you’re buying gifts for this year?? What are some of your favorite things to give guys? Leave me a comment below or shoot me a message!

I would tell you guys what I’m getting my brothers and my dad this year, but in the off chance they see this post, I’m gonna keep it hush hush for now. Maybe in a Christmas recap post or video? We’ll see what the future holds, I suppose.

Happy last minute shopping!!




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