Favorite Christmas Memories

Okay first off, how cute was Nick and I way back when??

My family and I have been extremely lucky and fortunate, and for that I’m extremely grateful. All of my Christmas’s have been filled with family and fun memories. And today, I decided to just write and tell some quick little stories about some of my favorite Christmas memories.

Where to begin, where to begin. Well, one year I asked for apple juice from Santa. Granted, I was very young and don’t remember too much about said present, but I do know that the big guy up North pulled through for me with that one and delivered. That year under the tree there was plenty of apple juice to say the least! So while most little girls asked for a stuffed animal or art supplies there I was asking for food. Guess not too much has changed!

One of my most favorite memories is the year my parents surprised my siblings and I with a trip to Disney world. Our last presents to unwrap under the tree were three boxes, each with a sign and a piece of Disney memorabilia. The signs were broken up to say “WE ARE” “GOING TO” “DISNEY WORLD.” My parents say it was hilarious watching our faces as we all slowly read the signs and began to put two and two together. The little piece of memorabilia that accompanied my sign was a pair of silver and crystal/diamond Mickey Mouse earrings really similar to these. That was a really fun and interesting trip (we literally all got sick at the end and attacked by seagulls in Epcot), but those are stories for another day and another post. I’m currently trying to convince my family another Disney trip should be in the works soon. You’re really never too young for Disney!!

Another memory that I hold dear to my heart is the wrapping paper fights that my uncle’s would start every single year when we were children. As I said in a previous post, my mom’s side of the family always has great holiday parties and one of my favorite parts of the Christmas parties were when my uncle’s would roll up tissue paper and wrapping paper and sneakily hand it to us younger kids to start the fight that year. Come to think of it, they probably had us start it so they wouldn’t get in trouble!! This past year, my brother Nick informed me that he made sure to start it this year. Even though I couldn’t be there this time, it still warmed my heart to hear that!

And lastly, I remember one Christmas where I received a HUGE dollhouse. It was pink and white, and it was so big it wasn’t technically under the tree, more or less just pushed up against the wall next to it. If I am remembering correctly, I don’t even think it was wrapped, it just had a big bow on it.

So there you have it folks, a nice little blurb about nice little memories. What are some of your favorite Christmas memories?? Comment below!

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