Time Management + Super Cute Planners For 2018

If you’ve followed along with my blog for a while, you will know that I am obsessed with my agenda. I have the “beach and bae” print from Lilly Pulitzer.  Sadly it’s sold out basically everywhere. The link on my About Me page might work if they restock. (Fingers crossed, because it’s seriously adorable and makes me crave days on the water!!)

“There is only one time more valuable than time. And that is who we spend it on.”

I completely agree with this quote, but I would also say that it is how we spend our time that is also pretty important. Being in college (and growing up in general) teaches you a lot of things. Some you’ll talk about on your resume and in interviews, like your time management and leadership skills you acquired. Now let’s be real, when you mention your time management skills, you’re probably gonna talk about how you balanced clubs, classes, a job, sports, etc. You’re probably not going to mention how you learned to keep hitting snooze on your alarm until you had 5 minutes to get ready and somehow (miraculously) made it to class not looking like a complete train wreck.

But for everyone who’s still trying to keep track of a crazy schedule at work or stay on top of your assignments this semester – homegirl’s got some advice for you. (And some super cute planners/journals I found!!)

  1. PRINT YOUR CLASS SYLLABUS!! Guys, I get that everything online now. But you might have a situation like I did last year where my computer randomly crashed and the file wasn’t compatible with my phone, so I had to go to the opposite side of campus just to get a paper’s guidelines super late at night. Lesson learned.
  2. Write It Down: Put your schedules into your planner/agenda/calendar as soon as  you get it. My work schedule typically comes out about one to two months in advance. This helps when scheduling meetings, etc. So whether it’s club meetings, class, or work schedules. Just write it down. It’ll make your life so much easier.
  3. Make A Checklist: I recommend doing this on a daily basis. You’re probably thinking  “Abby that’s overkill.” And you’re right. But that’s why it works. Whenever something comes up and I don’t have my agenda with me I put it in my notes on my phone and then whenever I get a chance, I just jot it down. It helps with random deadlines and little things to remember.
  4. Find Where You’re Most Productive: For me, it’s in public at school or a coffeehouse. I’m less likely to be tempted to check social media or watch Netflix. (Although I’ve done my fair share of watching The Office in the lib. No shame.) Also figure out if you work better in the morning or evening. If you’re a morning person, get stuff out of the way in the am. There’s no point in putting off till later. It’ll get ya every time.
  5. Budget Your Time: I’m not even talking studying or work. Make sure you’ve got time to relax and chill. Self care is so important and it’s something everyone forgets. Treat yo self to that movie night or bubble bath. You deserve it.
  6. Get A Planner/Agenda/Journal: Like I said above, I use mine daily. It’s one of those essential items for me and I recommend this for everyone. Student or not. Below, I’ve found some cute ones ranging in size, style, print, and price that you can click on and shop. (Keep in mind some are just journals, while others are super detailed oriented agendas!!) Because what better time to get organized than the beginning of the year??

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