7 Of My Favorite Motivational Quotes


I’ve already broken some of my 2018 resolutions/goals this year. And like I said before (and I’m about to say it again for the people in the back) that is okay!! Seriously we are way too hard on ourselves and I touched on this a bit when I posted an honest little blurb about eating habits last week. So when planning what I wanted to post this week, I thought I would take today as an opportunity to spread some positivity and motivation for you guys. Because the world could always use a little bit more of those two things in my opinion. Especially on the internet. 

I love a good motivational quote. Also I’m a Pinterest fiend, so that works out perfectly, because Pinterest has some of the cutest quotes around. Right now the persist quote is my background on my phone and it’s a good way to keep me focused on my big girl goals and dreams. Plus it helps me be a little more willing to wake up in the am, because I haven’t been the biggest morning person lately. 

So scroll through and get add a little motivation to your Monday night! If you have any quotes you really like please send them my way. I always am looking to add to my collection of inspiring words! Happy Monday everyone and let’s kill this week!! 

All typography credit goes to the original artists. Found via Pinterest. 

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