Current Weekly Favorites

Updated every Monday, you can find everything from my current favorite beauty products to the latest book I can’t out down to a funny video of puppies I can’t get over. Get to know me through my weekly favorites!


  1. Wicked – Only a couple years late, but I finally saw Wicked!!  I love theatre and seeing this Broadway tour in Grand Rapids was a wonderful way to spend my birthday eve. Absolutely check it out if you ever have the chance.
  2. THIS VIDEO – The sweetness is just too much for my heart to handle.
  3. Tarte Cosmetics Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint – I received this in a birthday freebie from Sephora, and I love the color! I was looking for some new shades recently, and this is such a great color and texture. The color that I use is “Birthday Suit.”
  4. Freshen’s Peach on the Beach Smoothie – If you have a Freshen’s by you, definitely try out the #8 “Peach on the Beach.” It’s very refreshing and reminds me of summertime.
  5. THIS LYM Beanie – My first official Love Your Melon beanie. I can’t recommend this company and what they stand for enough. I’m so lucky to be apart of my campus’s LYM crew – check and see if your college has one!