Current Favorite Healthy Snacks

I’m such a snacker it’s ridiculous. Ask the kid who sits next to me in my one lecture, I always have something to snack on or a water bottle to fiddle with. I really don’t know if I could ever be one of those people who don’t eat between meals. My will power isn’t so strong.

So recently I’ve been trying and tasting a bunch of new snacks that are a healthier alternative and I have a couple to share with you!! In addition to them being a healthier alternative, I wanted them to be portable, because I’m the definition of girl on the go.

I could munch on celery and peanut or almond butter all day long, but that doesn’t always travel as easy. If you are looking to take your fruit or veggies with you, I recommend buying an insulated container for hot/cold foods. The one’s below are super cute, but you can pick up generic ones at Meijer or Homegoods! (I got mine there years ago and still use it!) My favorite from my picks below has to be the Kate Spade French Onion Soup one! Plus it’s on sale, and I’ve been seeing it sold for over $30 at other places.

Favorite Snacks:
  • The Granola Goddess – A Grand Rapids based company and you all know how much I love shopping/supporting local!! They handcraft healthy and gourmet cookies, granola, and other snacks! The kind people there sent me a huge variety of snacks to try and I am still going through them. I’ve been really into incorporating granola into my meals recently, whether  it be on some oatmeal or on a smoothie bowl. My absolute favorite that I’ve tried of their’s is the Peanut Butter Coconut Crisp flavor. It’s one of their top sellers and it’s not very hard to see why!! They also sent me some granola bars which I took to class with me. These fill you up and really keep you full. I tried the Cherry Pumpkin Seed and the Honey Cinnamon. Both were so good and kept me full (which meant less snacking throughout the rest of the day!!) I also really like that you can see and pronounce the ingredients on the package. Plus, they have options for people who are gluten free and people who are paleo which is super awesome. I want to give a big thank you to The Granola Goddess for being so generous and sending me these yummy snacks! I highly recommend everyone goes and checks them out!

  • Orchard Valley Harvest – I’m definitely a sweet and salty girl, so I love trail mixes and nut mixes. My favorite one for on the go is from Orchard Valley Harvest. The Cherry Almond Cashew is my go to flavor, but after looking more into this company, I see how many different options they have and now I’m wanting to try more and more! What I also really like about them is that on their website you can find your state and see where they are sold!! This is a super yummy and easy snack that keeps me full and is perfect for throwing in my backpack/purse and running out the door. It’s also a snack that I like to take when I go hiking, as it fits so easily in my backpack or in my pocket. (If you want more than the 1 oz packs they are also sold in larger bags.)

  • Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop – There is so much I love about this popcorn. First off, it’s made in Minnesota! (Again, another American made product!!) Secondly, it’s sooo good. Last year in college, I ate so much popcorn. Because a) I love it and it’s easy to make and b) my dorm not only had a microwave, but my roommate brought an air popper. She would make us fresh popped popcorn for every occasion, whether it was studying or movie night. She would use a little bit of olive oil (correct me if I’m wrong here Em😂) and some sea salt. SO GOOD. This popcorn tastes just like that and brings back so many memories. (Speaking of memories this name totally reminds me of the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom that my mom read to me as a kid. Anyone else?) But seriously this popcorn is so good, has real ingredients, and gives back to some really great charities. Plus they have so many different flavors!

  • The Gluten Free Bar – Another Grand Rapids based company. Another brand that reminds me of a book. (The GFB seriously reminds me of the BFG from Roald Dahl and I love it!) This stuff cures my sweet tooth and definitely keeps me full. I really like their protein balls and the Dark Chocolate Coconut is my absolute favorite flavor. Again, I didn’t realize how many flavors there were until I looked online. Either my store is always sold out or they need to add more flavors to their stock. You can find them at Meijer, Whole Foods (in the midwest), and some other stores in addition to online. I’ve even bought some from TJ Maxx and Homegoods! Now, I haven’t tried the actual bars themselves yet, but I plan to very soon. They are pretty rich, but I really enjoy them! Overall would absolutely recommend, especially if you have celiac disease, are looking for a new protein ball, or don’t digest gluten super well!




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